Resting heart rate variability (HRV) is associated with better emotional regulation, lower stress and better resilience.


HRV can be trained via resonance frequency breathing and HRV biofeedback – achieving a state of physiological ‘coherence‘ in which your HRV increases while you inhale and decreases while you exhale at approximately 6 cycles per minute, in a smooth wave-like pattern.


HeartRate+ Coherence by SoftArea helps you achieve this therapeutic coherence by giving you HRV biofeedback (measuring the capillary pulses in your finger which you place over the camera lens), and providing paced breathing rates to maximize the coherence. You can also hook up via bluetooth to an external heart rate monitor such as Polar H7 to get the most accurate readings. It’s easy to use, and a very valuable biofeedback tool at a low cost.


This app can be used (10 minutes) during an episode (step 2) or as a long term strategy to train auto-coherent heart rhythms that improve emotional self-regulation (10 minutes per day over a number of weeks).