Multiple Strategies


Effective treatment of insomnia, burnout, anxiety and depression requires multiple strategies.

At EQ Mindware we have reviewed the evidence and selected what we consider to be the most effective strategies and supporting apps for episode management recovery and building long-term resilience and wellbeing.

We make extensive use of ‘mindware’ to support the practical application of these strategies – i.e. mental health related apps to aid in the recovery and the resilience & wellness promotion process.

Health, Resilience and Performance

Our typical users are degree educated professionals who are not only concerned about their mental health, but want to promote resilience and performance.

Mental Health Apps

There is growing pressure for mental health apps, and it is worth quoting from this Wired article:

“Many patients, faced with waiting lists, have turned to alternative sources of support — such as apps.

But this reliance on apps can be a double edged sword. “If you’re on a waiting list and you spend money on an app and then nothing happens it can make you feel like ‘well, I’ve tried and nothing works’,” Leigh said. “If you go through the process of downloading and using an app and there are no benefits, it can compound your anxiety about your mental health problems.” “But apps that actually are good can play a really great role in terms of waiting lists. They can act as a triage for less serious mental health problems, and can be the perfect remedy in some cases. Apps can be beneficial, but we need to ensure that with wider usage we also invest in further research to ensure that they’re robust.””