Clinically Based


The founder and director of EQ Mindware is Dr Mark Ashton Smith. He has a psychology and neuroscience joint PhD from the joint Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh ‘Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition‘ (CNBC) Program, and was an Assist. Professor (Lecturer) at the University of Cambridge. Dr Ashton Smith has branched into applying his cognitive neuroscience background to developing evidence-based interventions for health, resilience and cognitive performance.

All of the interventions promoted in this website are supported by extensive peer-reviewed scientific research and have been widely applied by clinical professionals. Their selection has also been motivated by Mark’s own 2 year experience of mental health issues. During this period he suffered at different periods from anxiety, insomnia and burnout. He systematically made use of these interventions on his road to recovery.

What the user needs for EQ Mindware programs  to work:

  1. Strong motivation to change.
  2. Positive treatment expectancies (and no sense of stigma in using the apps).
  3. Clear goals for treatment.
  4. Time commitment to regularly apply the practices.
  5. Ability to work independently.
  6. Support from friends and loved ones.