apps for anxiety, depression, burn-out, insomnia

Episode management & recovery

Strategies to manage an episode of anxiety, depression, burnout or insomnia as it happens.

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Building long-term resilience

Strategies to build resilience and well-being against mental health issues long-term.

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Recommended apps

Evidence-based, clinically approved apps to help you manage mental health issues & build long-term resilience.

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How it works

Clinically Based

EQ Mindware's self-help apps & strategies for mental health and well-being are all clinically viable and based on multiple peer-reviewed trials.

Episodes & Resilience

Our apps and strategies help you manage an overwhelming mental health 'episode' as well as building longer-term resilience and emotional well-being.

Multiple Strategies

Our interventions use desktop and mobile apps for brain training combined with CBT, breathing, good nutrition, exercise, meditation, yoga & social interaction.

Over the past couple of months, I have been able to study, and work through extremely long study sessions, without mental fatigue, actually retain the information that I am studying during these sessions, and apply the facts to real world problems, something that was impossible in just October.

Blake Smith

Since I am diagnosed with bipolar type -1 and ADHD, my anxiety and stress levels are very high at times. Currently, I am in university where the workload and social anxiety has caused me great anxiety in the classrooms. I am always second guessing my IQ and always never want to appear "stupid" to anyone. Due to this, I have played many brain training games and you are the only brain training game I have stuck with.

Justin G

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